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Education & Career Development

YES’s Educational Services provide multiple traditional and non-traditional educational opportunities for high school and post-secondary education. All youth are enrolled in their school of origin, a local school or our own YES High School. We believe education is critically important and work to ensure that our youth are equipped to graduate high school and go on to post-secondary education or gainful employment.

YES’s Career Development Services give youth the tools to land a full-time position at a livable wage. Our training program offers youth a variety of opportunities (paid internships, job readiness training/workshops, vocational training, long-term career planning) to learn skills that contribute to their employability and workplace competence.


Mental Health Therapy

YES’s Mental Health Services provide comprehensive, trauma-informed counseling and therapy in a safe and supportive environment. If reunification is a realistic transition plan, the youth’s family/permanent connection is asked to participate in counseling sessions during the youth’s stay. Staff guide the dialogue while teaching family members the skills they will need to maintain stability at home. Individual and group counseling sessions teach youth additional coping habits. The overall goal is to facilitate healing for youth who have endured tremendous trauma and prepare them for a safe and stable return to a family-based setting.

YES’s Mental Health Services include: group and individual therapy, family counseling and therapy, recreational therapy, behavioral therapy, art therapy, substance abuse counseling, stress management, violence prevention, sexual health education, conflict mediation and resolution.

Life Skills Training

This program offers regular Life Skills workshops to propel participants further along the path toward self-sufficiency. Youth receive training in skills such as goal setting, money management, health care, transportation, self-esteem, positive relationships and decision-making.

Social & Enrichment Activities

In an effort to nurture our youths’ interests and encourage healthy social engagement, YES’s programs include culturally diverse social and enrichment activities including hiking, museums, movies, outdoor activities, sporting events, concerts and more.


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Aftercare & Support Services

As our youth prepare to transition to permanent home-based settings — through family reunification, transitional housing or independent living arrangements — they also transition into our Aftercare Program. YES Aftercare continues to provide mental health therapy, case management and support services to prevent a return to homelessness and to ensure each youth has the support and resources they need to maintain stability for a healthy, fulfilling future.