Photo: Alekzan Powell

Photo: Alekzan Powell

How many youth are homeless in LA County?
The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority reports that there are close to 10,800 homeless young people in LA County. These youth are homeless for a variety of reasons ranging from neglect, different types of abuse, mental health issues and a multitude of complex family struggles. 

Who is at risk of becoming homeless?
According to a report released on youth homelessness by Chapin Hall of the University of Chicago, the following youth are most at risk:

  • Youth lacking a high school diploma or GED had a 346% higher risk of homelessness than those who completed high school

  • Youth in households making less than $24,000 a year had a 162% higher risk of homelessness

  • Unmarried parenting youth had a 200% higher risk of homelessness

  • LGBTQ youth had a 120% higher risk of homelessness than their straight peers

  • Black or African American youth had an 83% higher risk of homelessness

  • Hispanic, non-white youth had a 33% higher risk of homelessness.

How many youth are in the Foster Care system in LA County?
There are over 30,000 children and youth currently in the Foster Care System in LA County. According the Children’s Law Center of California, nearly 100 times a day, a child in California is placed in foster care.

CASA of Los Angeles has helped paint a picture of what foster youth in our community are facing:

  • 33% of California’s foster youth currently reside in LA County

  • 73% of foster youth have spent two or more years in the system

  • 38% of foster youth have had five or more foster care placements

  • Less than 50% of foster youth graduate from high school and only 3% graduate from college

  • 33% of girls in foster care become pregnant at least once by age 17

  • 25% of youth aging out of foster care will be incarcerated within two years

  • At age 19, 60% of former foster youth are unemployed

  • 27% of the homeless population spent time in foster care

Photo: Tyler Nix

Photo: Tyler Nix

What is the difference between Runaway/Homeless Youth and Foster Youth?
Homeless youth, sometimes referred to as "unaccompanied youth," are minors (ages 12-17) who lack parental, foster or institutional care. Homeless transitional age youth (ages 18-24) are youth without any form of permanent residence. Foster youth (ages 11-19) have been removed from the custody of their parent(s) or guardian(s) by the juvenile court and placed under the direct supervision of a county social worker with the Department of Children and Family Services system (DCFS).

Where are YES’s services located?
Currently, all of our residential programs are located in the Hollywood community. However, youth from all over the county and state can connect with us and access our resources. If we can’t offer the support you need, we will connect you with a community partner or resource that can help.

How do I reconnect with YES if I need further services or want to receive updates?
If you are an alumnus/alumna of our programs, connect with us here.
If you want more information about YES and would like to sign-up for updates, click here.

How can I help?
Please click the Give & Engage to find out how you can support our youth through monetary donations, in-kind items and volunteering as a tutor/mentor.