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Permanency is more than a safe, stable home. It’s connection. Hope. And healing.

Currently, there are over 6,000 homeless young people and over 30,000 foster youth in LA County.

Youth Emerging Stronger is committed to continuing to make an impact in the lives of these youth and all young people in our care - and we need YOUR help!

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Youth Life Changer - $10,000
From homelessness to a home, your gift will help change the lives of 25 youth in the coming year by helping YES provide the vital services of housing, health care, life skills, mental health therapy, nutrition, education assistance and job development.

Youth Education & Employment - $5,000
A good education and work experience are crucial tools for a successful future. Your gift will provide 10 youth with extensive academic support services and job development training including paid internship and employment experience to help them on the path to a positive and self-sufficient adulthood.

Youth Health & Wellness - $2,500                                                 
We all know how important a good meal is to start and end the day. More than 350 young people receive meals at YES homes each year. Your gift just might be the meal that helps a resident say, “I am going to stay and make this work.” Help provide love and healthy food to hundreds of homeless youth in Hollywood.

Youth Enrichment & Activities - $1,000                                       
Participate with YES as we enhance the lives of young people through the Arts, Life Skills Lessons, Cultural activities, and more! Your support will provide experiences for youth in the community: Tickets to theaters, recreational activities, museums, camping, sporting event and special outings.                              

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Youth Dress for Success - $500
Everyone wants to look their best whether it is the first day of school or your first interview with a perspective employer. Help YES youth present themselves with poise, professionalism, and above all, confidence by donating to assist them with obtaining professional attire to put their best foot forward on the path to success and self-sufficiency.