Louie never really considered himself homeless. But, after four years of couch surfing and 10 high schools later, our Transitional Living Program was the first place he called “home,” in half a decade. The 18-month program was the longest Louie had lived anywhere since he was 16 years-old, and he admits it made all the difference.

While at YES, Louie, gathered all the credits he needed to complete his education with the help of our Education Specialist and Credit Recovery Program. He connected with staff, who mentored him and taught him the life skills needed to leave homelessness behind for good.  

With the help of YES Employment Specialist, Louie was able to obtain an internship at a local restaurant, and an offer for a permanent position quickly followed. Working as a chef, Louie has been able to discover his passion, save money and continue to plan for his future. He now stays in touch with our YES staff, as part of our Aftercare Program, regularly keeping us updated on his career path and attending events and activities.

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